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HOWTO: Send a diagnostic report to Keyman Support

Keyman Support may ask you to send a support diagnostic. These reports assist us in resolving your support issues. Please follow the steps below to generate a diagnostic report.

Note: If Keyman is not currently installed on your computer, you can download the diagnostic tool as a standalone here: tsysinfo.exe (5MB)

  • Open Keyman Configuration.

    • Click on the Keyman for Windows (previously Keyman Desktop) icon , on the Windows Taskbar near the clock.
    • From the Keyman menu, select Configuration….
  • Select the Support tab.

    Click Support
  • Click 'Diagnostics' link

    • You can collect diagnostic information about Keyman by clicking the 'Diagnostics' link under the 'Useful Links' section. The support diagnostic will collect critical diagnostic information from your computer and generate a report.
  • Wait while your diagnostic data is collected.

    Wait for the diagnostic data to be collected
  • Click .

    Click Send to Keyman Support
  • Fill in your email address and your name.

    Fill in email address and your name
  • Fill in details about the problem you are experiencing.

    • Include as much information as you can, especially any error messages you have received - word for word - and the language and/or keyboards you are working with.
    Fill in details
  • Click .

    Click Send
  • When we receive your diagnostic report, we will review it and reply, working with you to help you find a solution to your issue.

Applies to:

  • Keyman Desktop 8.0
  • Keyman Desktop 9.0
  • Keyman Desktop 10.0
  • Keyman Desktop 11.0
  • Keyman Desktop 12.0
  • Keyman Desktop 13.0
  • Keyman 14.0 for Windows